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Our Menu Intent
Feeding a diverse group of people can be a difficult chore.  We strive to offer simple, nutritious and varied options easy enough to combine for a lunch to please all.  We do our best to avoid processed foods and will always choose low-fat options in our recipes, if possible. Specific diet requests will always have a menu option too.
We're also proud to patronize our local independent food shops and bakeries.  Watch here for our recommendations from time to time. 

 Our Story
In the spring of 2008 two friends became business partners by purchasing a rental unit. They so enjoyed installing toilets, basement floods, cleaning stoves and explaining in great detail what post-dated cheques are that they purchased a second rental property in the fall of 2009. You’ll have to wait until they write a book to hear all of the wonderful stories. One thing they did learn was not to attempt plumbing repairs in the second floor apartment 5 minutes before showing the main floor apartment to potential renters.
Looking for new challenges in an area they were both interested in – food, Deborah suggested lunch catering. Deborah really likes to eat food and Ellen loves preparing it.
In the spring of 2011 they bought a small commercial building in Hamilton’s downtown. They rented out the back half to a music group and set out to make the front half into the home of their new company;  Armed with Deborah’s background in marketing and Ellen’s ability to shop at the market once a week, they began to develop the business. With lots of research, recipes, taste-testing, heated mustard versus mayonnaise debates and bureaucracy training they were well on their way.
Interesting tidbits about them:
·         They both graduated from their post-secondary schools with high-demand job market qualifications; Deborah in Theatre from York University and Ellen in Experimental Art from The Ontario College of Art.
·         They met forming The St. Clair Community Association to improve their neighbourhood.
·         They both believe in downtown Hamilton
·         Deborah once belonged to the 4 H club
·         Ellen once belonged to The International Wizard of OZ Fan Club
·         Deborah likes to sing
·         Ellen likes to wear ear plugs

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