Our Little Free Library got some much-deserved attention this week. In addition to The Spec article below, a photographer from the photo collage tabloid, 'Snap', was by to shoot it as well. We may be the first in town but word's getting out. I doubt will be the only ones with a Little Library box for long.
I have to say, I was a bit surprised at the writer's angle.  She seemed particularly perplexed that we would trust to display anything 'free' or attractive outdoors in our neighbourhood. For anyone who doesn't know the block our shop is on (Ferguson Ave. N. between Rebecca and Wilson), it's lovely. The sidewalks are wide, the street is cobblestone, the trees have glittering lights and the light standards are replicas of gaslights from the nineteenth century. Only two surface parking lots within 2 blocks where active businesses once stood, damage the landscape. Our neighbours are some of the best possible, Dr. Davey public school, The United Way, Immigrant Women's Centre, Goodwill Industries and Theatre Aquarius, not to mention Hamilton Police Central Station.  Once again, I ponder how and why some Hamiltonians fail to see the positives in their own backyard and continue to perpetuate the 'Downtown is Bad' myth.  We love it here!