New hint if you ever need boiled eggs and find yourself without a stovetop.  Use the oven!
Out of necessity we've had to find some 'MacGyver' solutions here at the kitchen.  In our original kitchen reno plans, we expected to install a range.  However, according to the building code that meant installing a commercial exhaust vent and upgrading our current HVAC system - thousands of dollars more than the pennies we had in our pockets.  So we opted for a small convection oven with no cooktop and have learned ways to put it to best use. After a bit of research and a lot of skepticism we attempted to boil eggs in a shallow pan with water inside the oven - and it works well!
So if you ever need to boil eggs for egg salad sandwiches but can't afford thousands of dollars for a new ventilation system, try the oven method.