Monday is Opening Day for The Brown Bag, our expansion into the world of take-out service. It's taken much longer than expected to get everything in place to open this Walk-up Window and we're eager to get started. 
As a catering shop with little street presence since we opened, we still had strangers walking in every few days or so, asking to buy a sandwich, which we were never equipped to do.  Now we can provide a single-meal service we believe is lacking in this area.  
As a matter of fact, we might be the only ones offering this type of food service in town.  The City doesn't even have a licensing category for it. "A drive-thru window?"  they kept asking when I called to inquire.  
 "No, a walk-up window on the street", I explained. 
"Oh... a take-out restaurant!"
"No... no restaurant.  No one comes inside", I continued explaining.
We've decided to describe ourselves as a permanently parked food truck without wheels. And food trucks are popular at the moment!