Two years ago I attended the Canadian Vintage Bicycle Show in Brantford Ontario. I made a promise that I would not by a bike at the show, but instead just look and talk to the collector’s. I already owned about seven cruisers, most single speed with coaster breaks, and to keep peace in the family I had to make that promise!  
I managed to find a 1960 CCM frame, and through the course of the day I found wheels, fenders, a chain guard and period handle bars. Best part was that I had kept my promise, I didn’t come home with another bike and I think I only spent $70.
I decided that with the new business it would be fun to restore the bike and turn it into movable advertising for us.  I started by sanding down the frame and fenders that had been painted prior to my lucky find.  I degreased it and taped all of the chrome fittings on it. I then gave it several thin coats of Tremclad primer in spray can form. I found the colours I wanted to use in the Tremclad series and began building colour up with many thin coats. While that was going on I found a small piece of pine and traced out a sign shape using part of the frame. I sanded it and built up several coats of Tremclad clear on it. This was done to stop the lettering paint from bleeding. Next, using our business font, I enlarged the letters for the name and traced them on both sides using black acrylic paint. I painted in the face book and twitter symbols and once it dried, clear coated it while I was also doing the bike.
Its first real outing was the Art Crawl. I parked it where it would be seen and several people that I spoke with that night mentioned that they had seen it. My plan is to park it in front of office buildings and businesses so they might see it too. I’m going to go back to the Canadian Vintage Bicycle Show next year and NOT buy another bike! 

Ellen Irving