On June 10th we told our facebook followers the sad news that the ash tree in front of our building had died.  A man from the City had just been by to let us know it would be cut down.  That set in motion the following set of events that have taken place in the past month:

1.       An electrical contractor came by to assess the removal of wiring & lights on the tree

2.       The tree surgeon contracted by the City came by to assess the tree and take photos

3.       A gentleman in a City vehicle labeled “Parks” came by, stood by the tree and looked it up and down.

4.       Another gentleman in a City vehicle labeled “Roads” came by, stood by the tree, looked it up and down, got a pick-axe from his truck, looked mostly at the cement around the base, put the tool back and left.

5.       The electrical contractor (we assume because we didn’t actually view this with our own eyes) removed the wiring attached to the tree. Evidence found – cut tie-wraps that once held wire and electrical box to the tree.

6.       4 men in orange attire came and removed the nine sidewalk stones around the base of the tree and placed 6 caution cones in their place.

7.       3 summer students with their City electrical specialist supervisor came to take down the Christmas Lights in the tree. Climbing the tree wasn’t working for them so we loaned them a ladder.

8.       A gentleman from Forestry came by with a clipboard to assess the tree, as he was assessing the state of all trees and grates (at the base of the trees ) in the area.

9.       Just today a young woman from the Forestry Dept. came by, stood on the grate, in a skirt and heels, pondered things and left

It’s now been almost exactly a month since Ellen called the City to report our sick tree.  We have watched the constant parade of specialists and technicians come and go – and still the sad, leaf-free, bark-hanging hulk of a once-beautiful ash tree still stands. 
And there are two more just like it across the street and that are already half-dead… and no one has even looked at them yet.