Yesterday Ellen and I spent the day in the company of some of Hamilton's brightest entrepreneurs and professionals - they happened to be women and slightly more than coincidentally, it was International Women's Day. This day has been marked for over a hundred years but this is the first year that the Small Business Enterprise Centre (City of Hamilton) arranged an entrepreneurs conference and luncheon - just for women.
I have to assume that many of the challenges of small business owners are alike - whether they are female or male, but a recurring topic of discussion among speakers and participants at the Success in the City event yesterday, was the particular demands of family that women entrepreneurs seem to find commonly daunting. I wondered if the same topic would have been given as much of a spotlight had the speakers been male or the audience been more gender mixed.
We Lunch-Bags have more independent or grown children now and our spouses are very understanding and supportive. We don't have many of the stresses of younger business women we met... but we once did... and we understand.