We discovered some very interesting history about our neighbourhood the other day. I was checking out a fabulous Community Facebook page called Vintage Hamilton, when I came across a shot of the 1953 Ferguson Ave. train derailment. I vaguely knew about it and have seen, as most Hamiltonians have, the mural on the side of the building at King and Ferguson, but I assumed it took place closer to King - where the replica Ferguson Station now stands. I also assumed it was a much earlier date, perhaps turn of the 20th century, not realizing trains were still steaming down the middle of downtown in the 50s!
Ellen and I were so surprised to stare at the photo and see that the train was off the tracks right in front of our building - and that our building and the one across the street are the only ones on the block that still stand.
I had to stand on a ladder to get a similar shot for comparison; obviously there was a building where the Goodwill parking lot is now as the 1953 shot appears to be taken from perhaps the 2nd or 3rd floor of that building.
With the opening of our Lunch take-out window coming up, we're now considering a new sandwich to be called, "The Train Wreck".  We haven't decided what will be in it yet so feel free to suggest ingredients you think might be 'on track' for a sandwich with that name.

And if you're at all interested in the history of Hamilton, check out