We have a pair of beat-up, paint-splattered, green resin patio chairs here at the shop.  We acquired them last year when a tenant in one of our rental properties left them behind.  They were already well worn and unsightly but we put them to use  here on Ferguson, where we had nothing but empty space.  The chairs were used as wobbly step stools during the kitchen renovation and desk seating before we had office furniture.  When we wanted to take a break we would drag them out onto the sidewalk to sit in the sun and drag them back in every evening before we went home. 
A few months ago we started simply leaving them outside, half-expecting them to disappear.  But, suprisingly they were still here every morning when we arrived. Now we see passersby occasionally stop and rest.  To our delight, they've become useful street furniture. 
Recently, we received a lovely email from a stranger who took the time to let us know how much he appreciated them being there.
"I just want to say a quick "Thank you" for having the two chairs outside your shop." he said,  "I am an old geezer and I like to take long walks downtown  late at night. A few nights ago I was on one of those rambles and I found myself at a point where I was REALLY looking for a decent place to sit and recharge. I stopped, turned and lo and behold, there were TWO chairs waiting for me just as I needed them the most. It was great. I sat quietly for some time simply enjoying the night and the mild breezes. Once the batteries had come up to usable again I went on my way refreshed. Thanks again for your considerate gesture, much appreciated.
P.S. If I ever hear that anyone needs some catering I will send them your way."
Something so incredibly simple and unintentional has helped make us a part of the neighbourhood. We're glad to be here downtown and we're glad to be good neighbours.