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Artful Catering

Posted by Deborah Tompkins on Friday, February 17, 2012, In : Art left the office again - with boxes of sandwiches in hand - to attend the exhibit opening of Artist-slash-Lunch-Bag, Ellen Irving and Martin Peckham at Hamilton's February Art Crawl.
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Two Steps Forward, One Step Back

Posted by Deborah Tompkins on Friday, October 21, 2011, In : Renovations 
Yesterday was a productive day here in the ongoing struggle that is Lunch-Bags Kitchen Construction:  
    A plate glass window that had been broken since we bought the building in June was repaired.
    Hamilton Building Dept. Inspection passed our plumbing rough-in. Interestingly, even the inspector agreed with us that the installation of a grease interceptor - and the added expense - was overkill for a shop like ours that doesn't even prepare hot food! He seems to share our opinion concernin...
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