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My Brief Romance with The Food Guide

Posted by Deborah Tompkins on Tuesday, May 6, 2014, In : Healthy Eating 
by Ellen Irving

I decided several months ago I would challenge myself to eat healthier. I thought this might be a fun challenge as I consider myself someone with poor eating habits. My diet has never really included dairy or fruit so I thought this might help me discover foods in those areas that I might like. I thought the best way for me to eat healthier would be to follow Canada’s Food Guide
The Guide started in 1942 as Canada’s Official Food Rules, offering directions for healthy eati...

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Food Truck Without Wheels

Posted by Deborah Tompkins on Friday, August 17, 2012, In : Take-out 

Monday is Opening Day for The Brown Bag, our expansion into the world of take-out service. It's taken much longer than expected to get everything in place to open this Walk-up Window and we're eager to get started. 
As a catering shop with little street presence since we opened, we still had strangers walking in every few days or so, asking to buy a sandwich, which we were never equipped to do.  Now we can provide a single-meal service we believe is lacking in this area.  
As a matter of fact, ...

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Little Green Sign

Posted by Deborah Tompkins on Friday, November 11, 2011, In : Catering 
It's finally in the window - the official Food Inspection Certificate. We passed and we're 'real' caterers now! I'm thrilled but somehow Ellen was more excited receiving a pre-printed hand-washing instruction sheet to hang over the sink.
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