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Little Green Sign

Posted by Deborah Tompkins on Friday, November 11, 2011, In : Catering 
It's finally in the window - the official Food Inspection Certificate. We passed and we're 'real' caterers now! I'm thrilled but somehow Ellen was more excited receiving a pre-printed hand-washing instruction sheet to hang over the sink.
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Posted by Deborah Tompkins on Wednesday, November 2, 2011, In : Renovations 
With little fanfare; no balloons, fireworks or rotating searchlights - our official opening date came and went.  We spent the day building and hanging shelving. Now we're anxiously awaiting the delivery of our new monster fridge and touching up paint before we call Public Health for our final inspection. But we are ready and excited to truly begin our new venture. Many, many thanks to our families and friends for all their help and support getting us to this point. 
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Two Steps Forward, One Step Back

Posted by Deborah Tompkins on Friday, October 21, 2011, In : Renovations 
Yesterday was a productive day here in the ongoing struggle that is Lunch-Bags Kitchen Construction:  
    A plate glass window that had been broken since we bought the building in June was repaired.
    Hamilton Building Dept. Inspection passed our plumbing rough-in. Interestingly, even the inspector agreed with us that the installation of a grease interceptor - and the added expense - was overkill for a shop like ours that doesn't even prepare hot food! He seems to share our opinion concernin...
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