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If a Dead Tree Stands in the City... does anyone hear?

Posted by Deborah Tompkins on Friday, July 5, 2013, In : downtown 

On June 10th we told our facebook followers the sad news that the ash tree in front of our building had died.  A man from the City had just been by to let us know it would be cut down.  That set in motion the following set of events that have taken place in the past month:

1.       An electrical contractor came by to assess the removal of wiring & lights on the tree

2.       The tree surgeon contracted by the City came by to assess the tree and take photos

3.       A gentleman in a City ve...

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Chatting Caterers

Posted by Deborah Tompkins on Monday, January 9, 2012, In : Cooking 
Oh Joy! Ellen got a video camera for Christmas - now the most mundane Lunch-Bags activities - like preparing crab sandwiches - are fair game.  Obviously, we find ourselves quite amusing... others may disagree.

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