Choose from these delicious options for your
mix-and-match Lunch Box
all sandwiches are served on a variety of breads: flax seed, tortilla wraps and fresh-baked Portuguese, rye and kaiser buns,  accompanied by pickle & veg garnishes

BLT Wrap

  • Crisp bacon and lettuce, tomato and garlic mayo on a whole wheat wrap


bacon tomato lettuce wrap

   BBQ Chicken 

  • chunks of juicy roast chicken with crunchy sweet peppers topped with a spicy spinach sauce. We also offer Halal if you prefer - simply ADD a note in "Instructions to Merchant" at Checkout. 
BBQ Chicken sandwich with spinach sauce on Portuguese bun

Radishing Roast Beef

  • sliced roast beef with slivered radishes, lettuce and a creamy 
    3-cheese & Dijon dressing
roast beef, parmesan, mozzarella, cream cheese, dijon, radish sandwich

Grandma's Egg Salad

  • this classic combination of egg, onion and celery has stood
    the test of time and remains the best salute to the humble boiled egg

 Sockeye Salad 

  • red sockeye salmon salad mixed with fresh dill, spinach, mayo and sour cream
sockeye salmon salad sandwich with spinach
chicken parmesan onion wrap

 Cheeky Chicken Wrap

  • mixed greens, red onion, shredded parmesan, roast chicken, tossed with mustard-garlic dressing and stuffed in a whole wheat tortilla
ham, salami prosciutto, cappicollo, havarti sandwich

 Ham it Up 

  • 3 varieties of cured pork, commonly known as ham - Cappicollo, Salami-Proscuitto, Black Forest - topped with Havarti, greens and a sundried tomato-dijon dressing

Veggie Lover

  •  a wrapped creation of fresh vegetables and kalamata olives in oil and seasonings topped with creamy Greek feta 

Chicken of the Sea

  •  A refreshing tuna salad made with light tuna, tart apple chunks, natural almonds, celery and low fat whipped dressing
veggie lover wraps in lunch box

 Please review our Delivery page before placing your order. 

Small Lunch Box          $38.00
Contains 12 pieces.  Plan to serve 4 big appetites, 6 average eaters or 8 snackers. Choose up to 3 sandwich varieties from the menu below:

Medium Lunch Box          $75.00
Contains 24 pieces. Plan to serve 8 very hungry people, 12 regular lunchers or 18 light eaters. Choose up to 4 sandwich varieties from the menu below:

Choice 1
Choice 2
Choice 3
Choice 1
Choice 2
Choice 3
Choice 4

Large Lunch Box                $123.00
Contains 40 pieces. Plan to serve 14 teenage boys, 20 adults or 35 children.
Choose up to 5 sandwich varieties from the menu below: 

Choice 1
Choice 2
Choice 3
Choice 4

Additional Sandwiches

Need just one or two more than the Small, Medium or Large Box contains?  Add an extra sandwich here.
Please type in preferred additional sandwich varieties in Delivery Information Form at online checkout.

$6.50 each

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